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2019 //Back to december//

December has had it's highs and lows.

A quick overview Finals seemed to really have me tightly wound. Turns out, cram studying 5 hours straight doesn't make up for not really getting the stuff throughout the semester. Just getting it good enough to pass the tests, and maintain a B seemed good enough at the time. Moral of the story, I'm bad at math, always have been. I didn't do so great on my math final. Although my grade was still a B overall, I felt like a failure.

I actually found a video game I like. *gasp* (I have only played video games on and off because I am bad at most games) Playing Horizon Zero Dawn while babysitting my 1 and a half year old cousin, I just about have the best job ever.

Christmas has come and gone, while it felt like I was waiting forever for some things, Christmas didn't seem to be that high on my list.
A few small milestones of my life this month:
I turned 16
And started dating my best friend

Frustrations Let me just say, I'm gonna …