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Seek Me First- God

Am I really pleasing God with my life? I ask myself that often. Afterall, I am a human, and a teenager to add to that. We are supposed to make mistakes right? Doesn't every adult just expect that anyway? As a teenager I never feel I can fully meet the expectations set for me by my parents, myself, and even God.
Expected to screw up What about those teenagers that aren't making lots of bad decisions, and a genuinely trying to live right and follow Jesus. But then and again we all mess up, and it seems adults seem to focus on those small mistakes rather than being proud of the person we are becoming. Just because most teenagers mess up big time a few times in their teenage years doesn't mean they are ALL the same. And it just becomes a stereotype at this point because of such a lack of motivation or desire to do the right thing in some young people today; leaves a lack of faith in teenagers as a whole. And just because your parents did it when they were younger doesn't…