November 2018; Goals, Thoughts, Books, and Life

Yesterday I turned on worship music while already on the verge of tears, just because of confusion, fear, worry, and then God just took it all.
"I don't know if I'm doing things right but I'm trying."
I made a list of goals for this month. I did about half of them...I'm not going to say I failed at them. It made me be more intentional about some things, and think about stuff more. Also at the bottom of my list I added "Don't judge yourself too much for not completing all of these." Because I know myself, that I will just be upset with myself or not being good enough. It's like mind self harm, and It's easy to do, and hard to get over. But goals are good. They make you better in life. My list is a bit embarrassing how much I didn't do but I wanted to share it anyway.

November's Monthly Goals:

  • Read 5 bible books (I read about 3)

  • Figure out career path options (Actually I have some good ideas about this now)

  • Eat more & Sleep more (Check)

  • Connect with girlfriends (More or less...)

  • Finnish book (Not even close)

  • Weekly blog posts (Not at all)

  • Journal more (This is did do, and it helps with the blog posts anyway.)

  • Save money for gifts (Check)

  • Worship everyday (Most of the days)

  • Be generally loving (That isn't up to me to judge, but I'm always working on this one)

  • PRAY (I wish had done this more)

  • Stop stressing and CHILL (I did improve on this, yay!)

  • Don't judge yourself too much for not doing all of these

Homeschool life and the normal rant:

Part of the reason I get a bit behind on school a lot is that I get distracted by my instruments, and reading random books, babysitting, or talking to my boy (Haha). One day it was already noon and I hadn't started school work but I had already read a bible book, made a guitar cover, and scrolled through instagram. But trust me, I get all my school done eventually, sometimes at random times like 1:00 a.m.
My mom: "That news lady is really cute."
 I love the days that are just so great I don't even want to fall asleep because my day was better than any dream could be.
"I just want to daydream a bit longer before I fall asleep."

 My challenge to myself this next month:
  •  Write daily
  • Drink more water
  • Praise daily

Life lesson I learned this month:

There's some things you can't fix with words or actions. Sometimes it just takes time. The thing that I'm not good at. I can do words, but time is hard. Not feeling capable of controlling it; just waiting. Frustration of not being able to do... anything. Holding back what I want to say because I know it doesn't need to be said.


If someone really loves you they will make every effort to make you feel loved.
"Vibrations can't be perceived in the absence of stillness."
(every time I write a quote I really like I put it in italics and quotations)


Attention book lovers. If you want cheap new/used books for Christmas  use the site: it's AWESOME.
I've only spent about $20 for the whole Harry Potter collection. They are about $3 a piece used, and are usually in good condition, though sometimes you have to search around the site a bit to find the best deals and free shipping with good condition. I've been happy with all the books I've gotten from them used.
 I just spent about $30 on 5 books, some of them being pretty new so they costed a bit more. So here's my to read list of mostly the books I just bought:
  • The rest of the Harry Potter series after the 4th book
  • Holding up the universe- Jennifer Niven (LOVE this author)
  • Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children-Ransom Riggs
  • Everything I never told you- Ng Celeste
  • Milk and Honey- Rupi Kaur (A poetry book that I'm super excited about, as well as getting into writing poetry more



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