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November 2018; Goals, Thoughts, Books, and Life

Yesterday I turned on worship music while already on the verge of tears, just because of confusion, fear, worry, and then God just took it all.
"I don't know if I'm doing things right but I'm trying."
I made a list of goals for this month. I did about half of them...I'm not going to say I failed at them. It made me be more intentional about some things, and think about stuff more. Also at the bottom of my list I added "Don't judge yourself too much for not completing all of these." Because I know myself, that I will just be upset with myself or not being good enough. It's like mind self harm, and It's easy to do, and hard to get over. But goals are good. They make you better in life. My list is a bit embarrassing how much I didn't do but I wanted to share it anyway.
November's Monthly Goals:Read 5 bible books (I read about 3)
Figure out career path options (Actually I have some good ideas about this now)
Eat more & Sleep more

October 2018

I know I've been terribly inconsistent with blogging so far but please bear with me.

It’s been like the happiest month of my life. It could be from significant things that have happened, or God giving me an attitude of enjoyment toward the insignificant things.
It’s been like a month of change. My friend groups have shifted a bit, my taste in music has completely changed. Some friendships and relationships have grown.

"The changing seasons, and our changing minds; the leaves wouldn’t be significant unless they were insignificant sometimes too. The cold air always doesn’t feel as good in March as it does in October. In a way I want fall to last forever, but if it did, it wouldn’t have the same nostalgic feeling." I’ve also been choosing to be happy, and to enjoy what I have. Small things like babysitting- I’ll admit some days are a bit rough, and I get behind on schoolwork every once in a while from babysitting. It’s only 2 days a week, but honestly I always look forward…