The edge of 15, the first of fall

So my birthday is in December, and I'm kind of just waiting for it to come. But I'm also LOVING fall.


-I feel like there’s never enough time, but I have become an excellent multitasker.
“I can be working for 24 hours a day and think I never did enough.” Nf

-Trying not to disappoint the expectations I set for myself, tell myself I can do it. All I have to do is sleep less, pretty much. Still trying to maintain hobbies and relationships as well as work 14 hours a week. I am NOT a night person, but I’ve had a lot of nights of staying up late doing school work... I just have a heavy load right now I guess with a lot of projects. 

-For the first time ever I used an algebra equation on something that was a real life thing. 

-Taught myself the ukulele in 30 minutes late at night one night. I’m officially able to play 3 instruments. 

-Accidentally put foil in the microwave, and started a FIRE. Who would have known a Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwich wrapper was foil, I looks and feels like paper. 

-Every once in a while I have to call my Spanish teacher and answer questions in Spanish, and something about it gives me sooo much anxiety. Usually i talk to people on the phone, but for this I have to mentally prepare... and put it of as long as can. 

Small joys of this week:

-Looking forward to the pumpkin patch tomorrow, with some of my favorite people. It’s definitely a highlight of my year.

-Getting 100% on a test is such a good feeling.

-Egos+cream cheese :)


I recently started listening to some 21 pilots. Here’s my top 5 list for them, so far:
•Stressed out
•House of gold (super fun to play on ukulele) 

A few things about me:

•I’m like an introvert that wants to be an extrovert. Whatever that means.

•I’m pretty much on an involuntary no sugar diet. My teeth are too sensitive to eat sugar, so it hurts really bad if I do. If it’s something I have to bite anyway. But I can still drink it as much as I want. Still enjoying those Starbucks pink drinks. 

•I’m one of those people who dresses up for Halloween every year as a teenager, (because why not) but this year I decided I’m gonna actually host a Halloween party. Partially because I have always wanted to go to one but never been invited. I am SO excited about it. And I’m still dressing up for it- I’m most likely going to be a skeleton; basic, but still fun. 


-Realization: In every dream I’m constantly looking for something, or someone, and I can never get to it.

-Keep the people who inspire you to be a better you and love you the way you are.

-Too many of us stand still waiting for God to move, when he’s waiting for us to make a move.


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