10 things christians need to STOP doing

I know people aren't perfect, and Christians aren't an exception. You can't be perfect, but the thing is, you can't settle with being imperfect either as an excuse to not care when you make mistakes. Here is a list of things "Christians" need to stop doing:

Calling themselves a Christian but not living like it
This  can be a problem. Not only to that person and their relationship with God, but to Christians as a whole. If Suzie is over here sinning then she says she's a "Christian" then the standards of what it really means to be a Christian go down in the eyes of others. People see Suzie doing those things, and think "Hey, she's a Christian and she's doing that so it must be okay." Also if non-believers see those so called "Christians" being hurtful, or reckless they probably aren't going to jump right on board if their view of Christians is like that.

Judging/Calling out sinners
 Telling people they are sinners and they are going to hell is NOT the way. Just because they are lost, doesn't mean it's your job to DRAG them to church. Sometime you just have to love others. God commands us to love him and love others. Open that door for them; put that spark in them and pray that it catches fire. Obviously judging is a big one. Even among people already in the church.

Thinking you have to do some things so you can "relate" to others
Some people think that to lead others to God they have to get into some things to be able to relate. God doesn't tell us "You have to sin so you can lead the sinners to me." No, what we should be doing is living for God, and those people who are lost are going to see that you're not lost. That there's just something you have that they don't. Since we have free will, and temptation, we are going to fall into temptation sometimes, and that is okay, but not okay at the same time. We are obviously going to sin sometimes, but knowing it's wrong, and repenting is the key.

Telling people I'll pray for you, and not doing it
If you say you're going to do it, just do it. Too many of us do this to "sound holy" or give people false hope. God really does listen and he's practically begging us just to ask him.

Only being a Christian when it's convenient
Only being a Christian on Sunday, or Wednesday at church can be an easy trap to fall into. You feel like you're good with God because you go to church every week or even twice a week, but God desires and deserves so much more than that. Don't ignore him every other day of the week.

I'm not saying you shouldn't talk about other people. Gossiping means talking about others in a hurtful way, or spreading things that are private. This includes sharing prayer requests that are personal, even if it's with your small group. If that person didn't give you permission to share it, if they could possibly be upset by you telling others it's best not to. Let me just say, I'm guilty of this in particular, and it wasn't good.

Being silent with your faith
God gave us a gift to share, and we should be excited about it. Not just to go preach to everyone; while that should be the goal, but to be generally excited about what God is doing your life, and showing God through that. God has ways of revealing himself in crazy ways.

Ignoring parts of the bible and dwelling on other parts
God didn't say to pay attention to any part any more than others. Some churches do this a lot. There are parts that get repeated OVER and OVER, not because they are more important; maybe it's just easier to repeat those than dig deeper. But God's word fits together perfectly, and you can't have one part of God, and leave out another. Church is a complicated concept sometimes because there are the ones who have been in church all their lives, and the "baby-Christians," and the ones who are still yet to be saved, and churches have to find a way to minister to all of those different groups. They don't want to scare off the ones new to faith either, because some parts of the bible can be a bit scary or confusing. But don't be ignorant of any part of the bible.

Saying "All we can do is pray."
This is one of my pet peeves. It underestimates prayer so much. Saying "All we can do is pray" is like you think prayer doesn't do anything, but this is the way we connect to our creator who unconditionally loves us. No matter how small your issue, he cares.

Being a jerk
Again, this is not going to lead people to Christ. This kind of speaks for itself, just don't be a jerk. Period.


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