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10 things christians need to STOP doing

I know people aren't perfect, and Christians aren't an exception. You can't be perfect, but the thing is, you can't settle with being imperfect either as an excuse to not care when you make mistakes. Here is a list of things "Christians" need to stop doing:

Calling themselves a Christian but not living like it
This  can be a problem. Not only to that person and their relationship with God, but to Christians as a whole. If Suzie is over here sinning then she says she's a "Christian" then the standards of what it really means to be a Christian go down in the eyes of others. People see Suzie doing those things, and think "Hey, she's a Christian and she's doing that so it must be okay." Also if non-believers see those so called "Christians" being hurtful, or reckless they probably aren't going to jump right on board if their view of Christians is like that.

Judging/Calling out sinners
 Telling people they are sinners an…

The edge of 15, the first of fall

So my birthday is in December, and I'm kind of just waiting for it to come. But I'm also LOVING fall.
-I feel like there’s never enough time, but I have become an excellent multitasker. “I can be working for 24 hours a day and think I never did enough.” Nf
-Trying not to disappoint the expectations I set for myself, tell myself I can do it. All I have to do is sleep less, pretty much. Still trying to maintain hobbies and relationships as well as work 14 hours a week. I am NOT a night person, but I’ve had a lot of nights of staying up late doing school work... I just have a heavy load right now I guess with a lot of projects. 
-For the first time ever I used an algebra equation on something that was a real life thing. 
-Taught myself the ukulele in 30 minutes late at night one night. I’m officially able to play 3 instruments. 
-Accidentally put foil in the microwave, and started a FIRE. Who would have known a Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwich wrapper was foil, I looks and fee…