Weekly thoughts...

I know these haven't exactly been weekly, but a thing I do is write down random thoughts in the notes of my phone pretty much on the daily. I just didn't feel like I had anything good enough to give to the public, and that's okay. I understand that creativity doesn't always come right on time.

Beginning to blog; the first stretch is hard. I've not been consistent, I'll say that, and I've had times where I want to give up, but I just decided to keep going. Keep using this to show God, and even though I'm not perfect, he still deserves that. He doesn't expect everything I blog about to show how perfect my life is, because that's not what this is, the way I like to write is just creatively interpreting life. The good and the bad times.
Reading: I started reading the Harry potter series, and I LOVE IT. I just finished the 3rd book, and I had previously owned only up to the 3rd, but I ended up buying the rest of the collection for only $15! If you love books and want to own them, use abebooks.com/. You can buy them new or used, but either way it's cheaper than stores. I got mine used, and there is nothing wrong with them.
Music: //Christian rap or rappers// A song I've discovered; Drowning- KB.
I feel it relates to me because it says "save me, from me, before I drown."
10 things:

  • Blasting music in my headphones to drown out the thoughts that are slowly drowning me.
  • God still my anxious heart.
  • Yes, I overthink, but I also over-love. (a quote I saw on instagram that is literally my life.) 
  • Reading is a good way to distract yourself from being lonely.
  • Writing EVERYTHING in purple pen because, why not.
  • I love fun socks. Just like ankle socks with cute things on them. I have a lot from forever 21 because they sell them for $2 with all kinds of cute things on them; like recently I got some with avocados all over them, and all my good friends would know that I love avocados. I also have a bunch of harry potter socks too, because I am fangirling so much on that series.
  • I am not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, hate all you want, but I like fruity drinks (pink drink at Starbucks is my favorite), or black coffee.
  • Growing up I had never had egos till about a month ago, and now it's like my favorite thing.
  • My teeth are super sensitive to sugar, so I hardly eat it because it is extremely painful sometimes. Definitely a good way to stay skinny, but its sad that I love cake so much, and it hurtssss.

Let me tell you, this isn't a perfect girl writing this. I get scared, I get angry, I get sad, and focusing on the positives isn't always easy. Countless times I will probably write about overthinking because it is me, and you can't just stop it, it isn't something you can control.
My great grandma Fern went to go be with Jesus today. I am happy I got to see her yesterday, even though she was sleeping. Through tear filled eyes I got  to tell her goodbye and that I loved her. She lived a good long life.



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