Weekly thoughts

-I've been spending my weekdays half enjoying the alone time to get work done, and half really wanting to socialize. And really wanting to go the library. I told my mom she was depriving me from the library... because I literally could spend all day at the library if I could. Being alone all day really makes you appreciate being with people more. But I will say I still wouldn't stop homeschooling.

-I seriously confuse myself all the time. When there aren't words for something. When there are too many words. I don't really feel like people could ever understand because I don't understand myself. I am grateful for those still willing to listen to me.

-Sometimes, I think I'm pushing people away, even if they're people I love or really like.

Late night quote: "I want to cover my ears but it won't quiet the thoughts."

-The downside to being a creative person. Sometimes your mind never stops. Sometimes it feels like... more than I can take. Every scenario that could possibly hurt me or break my heart decides to play out in my head for hours at night. I just want to cover my ears as if it would block it out. But the scary thing is you're trapped. You are just trapped within yourself and there's nothing you can do. The only thing I could think to do was say Jesus. It's almost unexplainable when that happens.

-Giving someone your heart is like giving them a match and telling them not to light it. It's like all the sudden they have the ability to hurt you, but you have to trust they won't. It's kind of scary, and kind of beautiful.

(Apologies for the randomness of this post, I think I will continue to write more like this because I'm a bit crazy if you haven't yet noticed, and it kind of shows the randomness, and deepness of my brain.)


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