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Weekly thoughts...

I know these haven't exactly been weekly, but a thing I do is write down random thoughts in the notes of my phone pretty much on the daily. I just didn't feel like I had anything good enough to give to the public, and that's okay. I understand that creativity doesn't always come right on time.

Beginning to blog; the first stretch is hard. I've not been consistent, I'll say that, and I've had times where I want to give up, but I just decided to keep going. Keep using this to show God, and even though I'm not perfect, he still deserves that. He doesn't expect everything I blog about to show how perfect my life is, because that's not what this is, the way I like to write is just creatively interpreting life. The good and the bad times.
Reading: I started reading the Harry potter series, and I LOVE IT. I just finished the 3rd book, and I had previously owned only up to the 3rd, but I ended up buying the rest of the collection for only $15! If you lo…

Weekly thoughts

-I've been spending my weekdays half enjoying the alone time to get work done, and half really wanting to socialize. And really wanting to go the library. I told my mom she was depriving me from the library... because I literally could spend all day at the library if I could. Being alone all day really makes you appreciate being with people more. But I will say I still wouldn't stop homeschooling.

-I seriously confuse myself all the time. When there aren't words for something. When there are too many words. I don't really feel like people could ever understand because I don't understand myself. I am grateful for those still willing to listen to me.

-Sometimes, I think I'm pushing people away, even if they're people I love or really like.

Late night quote: "I wantto cover my ears but it won't quiet the thoughts."

-The downside to being a creative person. Sometimes your mind never stops. Sometimes it feels like... more than I can take. Every s…