Unpopular opinion: Fortnite is stupid

Judge me if you want to, but I really think fortnite is a total waste of time.

I am just going to go on a rant here. Both of my younger siblings and a bunch of my friends play it. Fortnite. I've just held a grudge against fortnite since my friends started playing it. It takes away from real life friendships, because everyone knows the world is going to tech, which is including friendships. And now this gives people a way to do something with their friends, so it's like their social life is spent on there. I just don't want to miss out on real life experiences and times with people, because I am very much a people-person. I've been asked numerous times why I don't play it, or told that I should. But the thing about me is I don't do things just because people tell me to, or because it is POPULAR. Some people just aren't into it, or want to get into it.  It seems like fortnite is the topic of a lot of conversations lately, and honestly, I AM TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT. It's just overrated, and people go too far with it all around. Spending money on it, playing for hours upon ours, bringing it up all the time. It's just an obsession for some people.

  • When something is really popular between social media or people I know, it just makes me hate it because it gets way overdone. Especially when it comes to other very popular things like, the greatest showman (sure it's good, but I don't ever want to listen to the soundtrack because some people (my dad) played it on repeat) Off topic, but anyway...
  • People who play it a lot and live their social life on it forget to stay connected to other friends sometimes.
  • Because people can talk to each other with microphones, it could be a 20 year old playing with a 9 year old. I know you can turn their volume off but, my 9 year old brother plays it and it annoys me when people get on there and immediately start cussing. Even young kids. Which I know happens a lot, but it just isn't something that's cool about the game because random weirdoes can talk to kids.
So this being the top game right now, I see a lot of the bad sides. It is partially just because it's not my thing, so hate me if you want to but I just wanted to get that out there. And just because a lot of people like something doesn't mean you have to. Be your own person, and have your own opinions.


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