Some funny things about me:
  • On average I warm up my cup of coffee 2-3 times a day because I get distracted.
  • Sneezing and holding a cup of coffee has me fear for the coffee's life.
  • Mario Kart is the only game I don't suck at.


  • It's insane how happy someone can make you.

  • Cicadas are the dumbest living things on the planet. One flew smack into my face today at about 40 mph. I mean, they make screaming sounds in the trees, and spaz on the ground, and fly into stuff at full speed.

  • Slow mornings with good coffee.
  • Doing dumb things with my friends.
  • Photography.
  • Long phone calls, and long hugs.

Now to get deep...
I thought about something lately. Some times may be good, or even really good. But the hard times are what shape us into who we are.
There's always times of weakness and strength in everyone. Sometimes times of  weakness will pass and weed out the bad friends and strengthen the real friendships. Times of weakness will pass and you will gain your strength again. With the darkest night always comes a sunrise.


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