Last of the summer

Starting with being injured for the first month of summer got me reading a lot more, and I have not stopped. I read 5 books this summer.  I have been stocking up on snacks for homeschooling, because ya gotta take advantage of that. I went to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and took lots of pictures because it was the most beautiful place.

Just went on a 10 hour car ride, and read a book and a half between the way there and back. SOOO glad I did that too, because I read 2 amazing books.
  • Little fires everywhere... I have 3 things to say about it: Beautiful, tragic, and fiery with passion. When I first put a hold on it at the library it had 29 holds, so yeah. I'd say just buy it, or wait a long time.
  • All the bright places... oh my gosh, had me in tears, and it was just super DEEP and I really


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