How I was approached by a human trafficker in walmart

Saturday February 24 2018

I was approached by strange guy in Walmart. I was in the women’s clothing area with another woman about 5 feet away from me. A white man about 6’4 with a sleeveless shirt (in the middle of winter) walks up to me fast, and says “girl, girl, excuse me” and he asked me if I wanted to see the hottest guy in the world. (Which I have no idea what he was planing on doing if I said yes) I said no, and he said “no? You don’t? How old are you?” I looked at him weird, and that was when I knew he was up to no good and ignored his question and got away from him. My immediate thought was “oh my gosh he wants to kidnap me” You don’t just ask girls how old they are, and act so weird. He was wanting me for human trafficking by the way he approached me, and asked me those things, and got out of the store directly after. I called my parents who were in town anyway so they came over to Walmart. We reported him to Walmart, and they are going to check the cameras and see where he went and what he drives and his plate. I later found out from my grandma who was watching from a distance that the man followed me for a while before approaching me. After I walked away from him he headed for the door fast, and I didn’t see him again. 

Human trafficking is real guys, and he could have been asking me that trying to get close enough to me. I’m glad that I was prepared to handle that situation or I probably wouldn’t be here now, the fact that he asked my age scared me and I got away fast, knowing that was a sign. The target age for human traffic victims is 12-17. Something scary like that could happen in a place as busy as Walmart on a Saturday. I don’t like to be alone in Walmart because of this, but I’m glad I can use this to help others be aware of what can happen. 


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