A bit of randomness

Some random things:

  • My sister went to school for the first time in 7 years. (how long I've been homeschooled)
  • Met someone (a friend of a friend) who had first followed each other on Instagram. Always funny when that happens.
  • Got my own mini chemex from amazon. Ready to caffinate. Oh, I just made up that word... but it's definitely my favorite way to make some good coffee.
  • I honestly couldn't contain myself at my first day back at WWHM. I was literally shaky all day from being 99% exited and 1% nervous. That's just me though.
  • Super-duper excited for my youth group worlds of fun trip!!!
  • Found an awesome face mask for acne.
  • Coffee with lemon Oreos are the bomb... or just lemon Oreos in general.
  • Me being a nerd of many kinds, I have played Zelda ocarina of time 3 times. Once every summer. This summer I read 3 books, started this blog, and hardly watched tv; except for when I fractured my foot.
  • I love the kind of people who I can talk for hours with, about literally anything from books, to stupid stuff.
  • I am starting school tomorrow!!!
  • Homeschool perk: I have my snack stash ready for doing school!!
  • God is so good!
//Some of my favorite movies//

  • The pirates of the Caribbean series (always and forever)
  • Mama mia
  • A quiet place (the coolest movie I've seen lately)
  • Pacific rim (was introduced to this movie by one of my best friends, it's pretty nerdy, but super cool.)
  • Coco (Oh my gosh. I watched this toooo many times, I don't really know why but I just love it, plus I watch it while I'm babysitting too.)
  • Highlander (Awesome movie!!!)
  • Waterboy (This movie always makes me laugh, like Adam Sandler movies always do.)


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