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July was a firework; beautiful and explosive

This month consisted of lots of random happenings that made me laugh, some scattered thoughts and quotes, as well as some times that were a bit confusing, (mostly battling against myself, something I tend to do and am working on)
Funny quote of the month:  "Is that Cardi B.?"- Holly "No, that's Whitney Houston."

Some things that have been happening lately, is lots of reading books and going to the new library.  Of course random trips to target with Amber. A lot of babysitting. A camping trip to Eldorado lake for the fourth of July. Fun times at youth group. And waiting for a package to come, which is inevitable because getting what you want takes time. A few words of my knowledge, in that. And a few more below.  The person you need might be right in front of you.If you say "like my recent" on social media it makes people NOT want to.  Battling with yourself is winnable, but difficult. Personally, I struggle with doubt which is a result of overthinking. …

Diy Coconut Whip

Coconut whip is a great non dairy alternative to whipped cream, which personally I think is much more delicious.  I'd say it is more of an intense coconut flavor than what you would buy at the store, but I love it, being someone who loves coconut flavored or scented anything. This version is very easy to make with only three ingredients:

1 can of full fat organic coconut milk ( refrigerate for 24 hours)2 tablespoons powdered sugar1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Refrigerate the coconut milk for about 24 hours for the cream to separate. Then open the can carefully. Scoop out the waxy layer of coconut cream off the top of the liquid. Using a mixer, beat for 3-5 minutes on high, or until it becomes light and fluffy. Add in your sweetener, starting with about 2 tablespoons but feel free to add more until you like it. (optional) add 1 teaspoon of vanillaKeep refrigerated, and can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. Extra notes

The brand of coconut milk I use is a c…