Why this hair product will change your LIFE

I've been using Pantene damage repair conditioner since the time I went blonde, and had damaged hair, and still continue to use it still. Here's why:

  • It is the absolute only conditioner I can use that lets me brush my hair out almost effortlessly while its wet. 
  • It makes my hair the softest possible, and helps it to dry frizz free. 
  • It absolutely does repair damage. 
  • It isn't watery at all, I could compare it to lotion- but for your hair.
  • Comes in huge bottles with a pump, and lasts me a few months and I don't feel guilty for using a lot.
  • One of the only things I would highly recomend
  • Works on most all hair types. I have friends with other hair types that have used it as well, and love it. 
  • It is a reasonable price.


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