What is Love really??? Here's your answers in a Godly perspective

What is love? When does a relationship go from like to LOVE?

Every time I've asked someone "when does a relationship go from like to Love?" that their answer is always, "you just know." But that doesn't make sense to someone who hasn't been in love before. So in my confusing I began thinking, praying, and reading about what true love really is and how God views romantic love. Not because I am falling in love but because I have set boundaries, and want to understand love before I get into a relationship. So I can one day have a Godly relationship, and not view love the way the world does. So here are the conclusions I have reached.

  • Love overlooks flaws

I know that once I am really in love that person is going to seem almost flawless to me, as well as me to them. Not that those flaws aren't there, but seeing the small flaws, and still being in love is just going to grow a relationship even deeper.

  • Love understands boundaries

Some people/Christians decide to save their first kiss till they are engaged, or even their wedding day. Some people highly admire that decision, and some think it is stupid or pointless. I've heard things like "but that is a way that you show them love." which is true but you don't want to be in a relationship just to make out, because you are "in love" because it might not even be love, and then you gave a part of yourself to that person.  Love someone who loves you for you and not just your body. I have an admiration for people who decide to do that because it's like being a rebel in a world that hardly waits for sex.

  • God is love

Of course this is what all Christians say when it comes to love because the world has twisted what love is- but God will always be love. God loves us with "Agape" love, which means that it gives not matter what it receives. In that way God teaches us to love others, or a partner by not caring what love they give, and still loving them anyway.

  • Love goes beyond physical attraction

You do want to be physically attracted to that person , but that can come with time too. If you fall in love with what really matters about them, physical stuff comes easy. Physical stuff (sex, kissing) is something God wants us to enjoy, but not to misuse, and waiting for it is worth it. Having a physical only relationship is not real love.

  • Love waits

This goes along with the last topics. "Love is patient"- (1 Corinthians 13) is the first quality of love listen in the love chapter. It is an important one too because God wants us to have purity, and relationships that  grow closer to God, as well as that person without going too far with them.

  • Love does not hurt

"Love is kind" If you are in a relationship where you are constantly getting hurt, its not love. People always say "love hurts" but that it a lie. The truth is: the world hurts, and sin hurts. Love does not.

  • Wanting to be with them forever

Dating, as the world sees it is just to have fun, and explore while you are young. People are left scarred from bad relationships yet they continue to get into them till they are so broken and surrounded by sin and guilt. Love is not to be played with. If you don't want to be with that person for the rest of your life, you were never in love in the first place.

  • Friendship

Love always starts with friendship in all situations where God is involved. To fall in love you must first have a brotherly love with them . Get to know them and their values before jumping to the conclusion that you're in love. First love them as a friend. Get to know them and start off with a Godly prayer filled relationship. If God is not in your relationships or friendships, you are headed toward a dead end.
  • Past the puppy love

This is what it took me to finally get it. Puppy love is when you are attracted to someone, and you get that excitement when you first start to like them. Eventually you calm down and your dating revolves around just one person and you're both mature enough, and compatible. Then you are ready for a deeper relationship. When you get to the point that you have a deep appreciation for them, and without emotions involved, you are a logical match, especially in terms of where you are in your walk with God.

So there you go. I may be young, and inexperienced, but I just felt like that was a topic I wanted to understand, and help other teenagers or young people understand as well. I know that emotions can be misleading, and controlling, that why the big thing for me was "is it a logical match without emotions involved?" Because that's where a lot of people go wrong.


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