Life update. Things I am loving right now.


Just a little update on summer.

In the very beginning of summer I fractured my foot, and my aunt Amber and uncle Jared and (almost)1 year old cousin Jackson moved in with us. So yeah, that was fun, and painful.  

I crashed bicycles with one of my friends, so not a cool story at all.

My foot healed in about 3 weeks, and even before it was fully recovered I still went camping once, and on a few target runs with Amber. That was a rough three weeks, but God was working on me through it, and just because my summer didn't start the way I wanted it to I still needed to be joyful. As well as time for self reflection, and reading some books.

By the time I was recovered, I was a little underweight at first, but after a week I had gained it back. It's funny because sitting around for 3 weeks makes me lose weight instead of gain it.

Also went kayaking on a river, and can't wait till I get my own.

//So anyway, here's some things//

Can't live without: My baby cousin who gives me hugs everyday.

Joy In the moment: Zelda ocarina of time. Best. Game. Ever. Playing it for the 3rd time and still love it. 

Book I'm reading: Dark matter

Currently Listening:
Wonderland- Taylor swift. No roots- Alice Merton. How could I be silent- Caitie Hurst. Start over- Flame. Anything NF

Loving this product: Love Beauty and Planet shampoo and conditioner. I have the rose one that Amber told me about and it smells so good and is safe for colored hair.

Book I loved: Extraordinary means- Robyn Schneider

I want to point out, my aunt Amber has a blog as well, and it's supper cool so that was part of my inspiration to start one again. Check it out here


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