Learning the skill of self love

I've learned a lot about self love lately. There are steps you have to take to get the point of "true self love" (Yes, like true love) because it is a very important and even attractive quality to have.
  •  God wants us to be happy with how he made us, but being confident isn't the same as being prideful. You can be confident without being prideful, because pride is feeling better than others, or you thinking you are "too good" for some things. Whereas, confidence can be knowing your identity in Christ, and accepting yourself as who he made you and still equal to others. Pretty much you want to strive to be humble and comfortable in your skin at the same time.

  • Learning that you don't always need to apologize for everything is a sign of self love. Being you isn't a sin, but judging other is.

  • Being confident in your own skin is easier for some people than it is others. I myself am not a makeup wearer anymore. Not because I am against it, I just wanted to be able to feel beautiful without it. I didn't want to feel like I had to wear it, and that it was something that was a part of me. So, I just stopped, and I feel more comfortable without it vs. wearing it now. In no way am I saying I think everyone should do that, it was just one thing that worked for me.

  • Working out: maybe that is an obvious one, but even if you don't do it to lose weight (for me it's the opposite, building muscle/gaining weight) but I feel that it really helps my mood and makes me more confident about my body, and not just the way it looks, but I like to feel strong.

  •  Take an emotional break: just getting away, and having some time to yourself can be much needed sometimes. Do something that makes you happy. I've told one of my friends I needed an emotional break before, and maybe they didn't understand it but they were still there waiting when I was ready to talk again. Sometimes it just takes time to gather your thoughts, or confidence.

  • Knowing you don't have to be perfect or even close to it to be happy

  • Don't feel like you need a the opposite gender to determine your happiness. Don't let that sway your confidence. 

  • Don't let people tell you how to dress, or present yourself. You do what you like, and don't fall into what others want to make you into. Wear your hair how you want. Get to the point where you can wake up and look in the mirror and like what you see. Don't feel like you HAVE to fix anything, but are making the CHOICE to improve. If working on your body is something you want to do to boost your confidence, go for it but the whole thing is, make it your choice, not a an obligation placed in you by society.  

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