Let me just say something about the girl in this photo. She hated this photo while I loved it, because I felt that it showed her true joy, in laughter. Maybe she was laughing about the fact that posing can just be a little awkward sometimes, because obviously, not everyone is blessed with the skill of looking cute all the time. Joy is a beautiful thing. Laughter is one of my favorite things, especially to take photos of, because it just seems so real. Some things that just annoy me, is when people think they have to be fake to be cute, or sexy, or whatever. I think real is beautiful, I think it is perfect.
In fact one of my pet peeves is the duck face. Like nobody naturally does that, it's just weird to me. I see some girls' instagrams filled with only duck face selfies, and my heart just kind of breaks a little; in all honesty. Like it makes them look insecure, and I feel a little bad sometimes. I want them to feel confident about their smile, because a smile is beautiful no matter who it's on.

Some of my other pet peeves I feel pretty strongly about...

  • When someone leaves my text on read- *eye roll* Don't even read it if you aren't ready to reply. 

  • Being lead on

  • People with big egos

  • When people use the wrong version of your, or to.- Don't they realize how uneducated that makes them seem. It just annoys my soul.....

  • Being fake- Not like dying your hair or wearing makeup; to a certain point. I just mean the way you act, and changing yourself for certain people.

  • Nails so unkept they just have little chips of nail polish left- If you're not going to keep up with it, just don't paint them in the first place, it just looks trashy to me. 


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