Homeschool life as a highschool student

I think some people need to be more educated on what homeschoolers really do. Yes of course we do school work. I actually am more virtual schooled, so I just do like the same work as school kids, maybe a little more advanced work but I like the format better. I love being homeschooled, but I could feel different If I wasn't so fortunate. First of all, there are lots of different situations for different homeschoolers that determine whether they like it or not. I am a very social person, and yes, you can be while being homeschooled. People have asked me, "how do you have friends?" I have to say, that is a bit of an ignorant question, because it's not like homeschoolers stay home ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

  • A Homeschool myth; All homeschoolers are introverted and awkward. WRONG. I am not introverted, and neither are a lot of homeschoolers I know. Also yes, some homeschoolers are awkward but it just depends on how they were raised as well as their personality. 
  • A Homeschool Truth: We make fun of public schooled kids. While they are stuck in school we are out having fun or eating snacks or whatever. It kind of sucks when your homeschool friends decide they want to go to school though.
Youth group is pretty much what keeps me sane. I love my youth group, and I really love Jesus, so it's just like my favorite place to be. Church life is kind of complicated right now actually though. I kind of have two youth groups that I go to on and off and a different church on Sunday that doesn't have a youth group. But it is okay, and that way I get to see my different friends more. But the church and youth group where I grew up is Remedy at Evangel Assemblies of God. It's just something that has been there all of my life and has really made a mark on my heart. I have some childhood friends as well as some new friends as well. I pretty much grew up with one of my best guy friends, Evan who goes to remedy, and I've known him since we were awkward kids. He's a homeschooler as well, and graduating next year.

My sister and I are very different in ways. I have friends over a lot, and she doesn't but a few times a year. That is part of the reason I am happy with it is I have build strong friendships that she hasn't a s much. She didn't really like being homeschooled, and both of my siblings are going to school next year, which is a little sad. It's not that I would be scared to go to school, even though I haven't been since 3rd grade... maybe a little scared. But I am pretty strong willed, and self motivated, so I know I would be fine, but self motivation is important when it comes to being homeschooled. Whereas, my sister and brother aren't as self motivated.

I've played homeschool sports for the last 4 years, and that is where some of my closest friendships came from. That was a 4 years that I wouldn't be the same without, and I am so thankful to all the people that made work for me. I did have fun playing basketball, and track and soccer, but I did have a stress fracture during track one year, as well as just realizing that I was ready to move on, and move into my future plans.

My family is amazing, and I'm so blessed. Having my aunt, uncle, and cousin living with us has been a blast as well. I have a funny family situation: I have family living in the three houses next door. My grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and their kids.

Co-ops. For those who don't know what that is, its a place that homeschool kids can go once a week and take classes, and socialize basically. I love it for the fact of seeing friends. I go to one called West Wichita Homeschool Ministries. There is a long time for lunch and free time, and my geeky friends there make it a lot of fun. It's also good for getting those high school credits with the classes.

God has helped me to find joy in all situations, and he has shown his faithfulness by always providing everything I need, and the people I need in my life. Through all my church switches, anxiety, losing friendships, and unclear future, it gets kind of scary sometimes. Life definitely isn't just staying home and doing school all the time. I'd confidently say my life up to this point has been full, and happy.

Homeschool perks:
  • More time to have hobbies
  • Easier to get a teenage job, or do odd jobs (I babysit while getting school done during nap times occasionally)   
  • With flexible homeschool work we can go on camping trips, and vacations easily as well
  • You can get your work done any time of the day
  • Sleeping in
  • You can get some high school credits in lots of odd, fun ways
  • You can get ahead in school, or work at your own pace
  • Snacks and coffee whenever
  • Most homeschoolers make good friends, there's not a lot that are jerks
  • No EXTRA homework
  • No presentations
  • You can get college credits
  • No bullies...maybe occasionally but not really
  • More time to hang out with other homeschooled friends because you both got done with your work in a few hours.
So that's my reality. Hope you are well educated on homeschool life and enjoyed this post!


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