Blonde moment RECOVERY- going natural and hair health tips

How I saved my hair from damage

Bleaching is a great way to destroy your hair basically, some people love destroying their hair but to those who realize they made a mistake here’s how I saved my hair after bleaching over it a few times.
Here are some photos of my hair at it's most damaged, and it's best

My hair at it's most damaged time.
Bleached, short, thin, and unhealthy.
My healthy natural hair. Long, and getting longer.

My hair story:
My hair is naturally a light brown. I had gotten highlights about 3 times within a few years, and they kept fading so I decided to go full blonde. I have always gotten my hair done professionally. (which you should always do with blonde hair if you don't want that trashy yellow bleach look) There was a time when I did box dye and it ended up orange, big mistake. I had also gotten highlights I didn't like because it was too striped looking for my liking. So by the time I finally got it all bleached out my hair was so exhausted from everything I had done and it was left pretty darn damaged. It got thinner areas and shorter pieces and lost some volume in the process of trying to find a hair stylist to do what I wanted. I have always wanted super long hair, and let me tell you- bleaching it is the wrong thing to do if you want long hair. You end up cutting more off to attempt to cut the damage off. After my hair had grown out some, gotten some life back, I decided I was done with blonde because I would rather have long and healthy hair, so I went back to my natural. Tip: When going to your natural color, match it to the darkest color in the back of your head's roots because it will fade. You can have healthy bleached hair, but I went about doing that the wrong way, and had to pay the consequences. Now I am back to long brown hair, and my hair is the healthiest it's ever been.

Extreme moisture period

Your hair needs time to catch up with everything you’ve done to it, and to be extremely moisturized. For the fastest recovery, use heat the very least you can, I even quit using heat on my hair completely while it was in recovery.
Don’t hold on to those dead crunchy ends. CUT THEM OFF. Get a fresh start if you eventually want to have strong and long hair. Even when wanting to grow your hair out, you should still get a trim every 3 months because in the long run your hair will thank you.  Your hair won’t keep on splitting further up and you won’t have to trim as much as you would if you go a long time without trimming it.
Be gentle with your hair! Don't rip a  brush through it, brush it gently working your way up from the ends. Use a t shirt to dry it after a washing it instead of a towel, because it is much less abrasive on the hair.


  • Water- water is your best friend, so drink as much as possible.

  • Pantene damage repair conditioner- works like a dream, and I still use it because it is the only conditioner that I can use to make brushing afterwards super easy.
  • Honey- put it on your ends to repair the dead ends and wash after 15-20 mins. Helps reverse split ends and keeps them smooth for a few days.
  • Chi silk infusion oil- put that on my ends when I was air drying them (which you should always air dry extremely damaged hair to not make it worse) made them silky and sped up their recovery. It comes in a very small bottle because you only need a little bit each day, or every other day.This was a big one for me, so If your hair is extremely damaged I highly recommend using it.
  • Basically any oil- coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, any of them can help damaged ends to began to be moisturized again. Also massaging it into your scalp can help the hair follicles to be stimulated and produce hair quicker. You should do a deep condition or oil treatment once a week.
  • Remember: no heat for a while, trim,  drink water, moisturize. 


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