Adding personality to a room. teen bedroom decorating

As a home schooled teen, I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, so it HAS to be functional, and somewhere where I like to be. It also has a lot of my personality in it, which took me a few years to finally make it my dream space.  Here is a quick walk through.
 This is what I am most proud of, because it is pretty much my cozy corner. On the wall I've got some photos strung on the walls, which is like my favorite thing, because some of my favorite memories with my friends and family are there, and it pretty much portrays my heart. Also my love for photography. They are along the ceiling of most of the way around as well. It is a bit of a travel style with the decorations, which I felt like would be timeless. It definitely looks like a teen girl room, but I like the unique things about it like my shelf across the wall (that was a diy out of fence boards) that has my collection of mugs on it. As well as the lights.
Perks of being home schooled. Gonna write a blog about that as well. 

 So this is where I do all my work, whether it's school, or for fun, or working on our family business stuff.  Again, pretty functional, but still classy.

And here is where my artistic side shows, more lights, paintings, and FLOWERS! Because everyone needs flowers in their life. 
Last but not least. Here is my latest diy project in progress. I found it at goodwill as a smooth finished kitchen chair. So i got it for few dollars and my creative side already saw the vision of it roughed up, painted blue, and with a patterned cushion. So that isn't quite finished yet, but I'm super excited to have it as a new chic desk chair.

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