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Homeschool life as a highschool student

I think some people need to be more educated on what homeschoolers really do. Yes of course we do school work. I actually am more virtual schooled, so I just do like the same work as school kids, maybe a little more advanced work but I like the format better. I love being homeschooled, but I could feel different If I wasn't so fortunate. First of all, there are lots of different situations for different homeschoolers that determine whether they like it or not. I am a very social person, and yes, you can be while being homeschooled. People have asked me, "how do you have friends?" I have to say, that is a bit of an ignorant question, because it's not like homeschoolers stay home ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

A Homeschool myth; All homeschoolers are introverted and awkward. WRONG. I am not introverted, and neither are a lot of homeschoolers I know. Also yes, some homeschoolers are awkward but it just depends on how they were raised as well as their personality. A Homeschool Truth:…

Featured photography, unique photography ideas

This is going to be a reallllyyyy long post but I just wanted to feature some of my photography. I especially love the candid photos.

Why this hair product will change your LIFE

I've been using Pantene damage repair conditioner since the time I went blonde, and had damaged hair, and still continue to use it still. Here's why:

It is the absolute only conditioner I can use that lets me brush my hair out almost effortlessly while its wet. It makes my hair the softest possible, and helps it to dry frizz free. It absolutely does repair damage. It isn't watery at all, I could compare it to lotion- but for your hair.Comes in huge bottles with a pump, and lasts me a few months and I don't feel guilty for using a lot.One of the only things I would highly recomendWorks on most all hair types. I have friends with other hair types that have used it as well, and love it. It is a reasonable price.

Adding personality to a room. teen bedroom decorating

As a home schooled teen, I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, so it HAS to be functional, and somewhere where I like to be. It also has a lot of my personality in it, which took me a few years to finally make it my dream space.  Here is a quick walk through.
 This is what I am most proud of, because it is pretty much my cozy corner. On the wall I've got some photos strung on the walls, which is like my favorite thing, because some of my favorite memories with my friends and family are there, and it pretty much portrays my heart. Also my love for photography. They are along the ceiling of most of the way around as well. It is a bit of a travel style with the decorations, which I felt like would be timeless. It definitely looks like a teen girl room, but I like the unique things about it like my shelf across the wall (that was a diy out of fence boards) that has my collection of mugs on it. As well as the lights.
Perks of being home schooled. Gonna write a blog about that as well. 

Redhead in a forest, eerie fairy vibe; Photography inspiration

I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot, for one because it was my close friend Rylee who was modeling for me, and DANG- she looked BEAUTIFUL. Gave sort of an eerie abandoned forest vibe, while she lit it up looking like a fairy. The green in the plants also complemented the red hair very well I thought. Anyway hope you enjoy!


Let me just say something about the girl in this photo. She hated this photo while I loved it, because I felt that it showed her true joy, in laughter. Maybe she was laughing about the fact that posing can just be a little awkward sometimes, because obviously, not everyone is blessed with the skill of looking cute all the time. Joy is a beautiful thing. Laughter is one of my favorite things, especially to take photos of, because it just seems so real. Some things that just annoy me, is when people think they have to be fake to be cute, or sexy, or whatever. I think real is beautiful, I think it is perfect. In fact one of my pet peeves is the duck face. Like nobody naturally does that, it's just weird to me. I see some girls' instagrams filled with only duck face selfies, and my heart just kind of breaks a little; in all honesty. Like it makes them look insecure, and I feel a little bad sometimes. I want them to feel confident about their smile, because a smile is beautiful n…

Life update. Things I am loving right now.

Just a little update on summer.

In the very beginning of summer I fractured my foot, and my aunt Amber and uncle Jared and (almost)1 year old cousin Jackson moved in with us. So yeah, that was fun, and painful. 

I crashed bicycles with one of my friends, so not a cool story at all.

My foot healed in about 3 weeks, and even before it was fully recovered I still went camping once, and on a few target runs with Amber. That was a rough three weeks, but God was working on me through it, and just because my summer didn't start the way I wanted it to I still needed to be joyful. As well as time for self reflection, and reading some books.

By the time I was recovered, I was a little underweight at first, but after a week I had gained it back. It's funny because sitting around for 3 weeks makes me lose weight instead of gain it.

Also went kayaking on a river, and can't wait till I get my own.

//So anyway, here's some things//

Can't live without: My baby cousin who gives me hug…

Blonde moment RECOVERY- going natural and hair health tips

How I saved my hair from damage

Bleaching is a great way to destroy your hair basically, some people love destroying their hair but to those who realize they made a mistake here’s how I saved my hair after bleaching over it a few times. Here are some photos of my hair at it's most damaged, and it's best

My hair story: My hair is naturally a light brown. I had gotten highlights about 3 times within a few years, and they kept fading so I decided to go full blonde. I have always gotten my hair done professionally. (which you should always do with blonde hair if you don't want that trashy yellow bleach look) There was a time when I did box dye and it ended up orange, big mistake. I had also gotten highlights I didn't like because it was too striped looking for my liking. So by the time I finally got it all bleached out my hair was so exhausted from everything I had done and it was left pretty darn damaged. It got thinner areas and shorter pieces and lost some volume in the p…

What is Love really??? Here's your answers in a Godly perspective

What is love? When does a relationship go from like to LOVE?

Every time I've asked someone "when does a relationship go from like to Love?" that their answer is always, "you just know." But that doesn't make sense to someone who hasn't been in love before. So in my confusing I began thinking, praying, and reading about what true love really is and how God views romantic love. Not because I am falling in love but because I have set boundaries, and want to understand love before I get into a relationship. So I can one day have a Godly relationship, and not view love the way the world does. So here are the conclusions I have reached.

Love overlooks flaws I know that once I am really in love that person is going to seem almost flawless to me, as well as me to them. Not that those flaws aren't there, but seeing the small flaws, and still being in love is just going to grow a relationship even deeper.

Love understands boundaries Some people/Christians …

Learning the skill of self love

I've learned a lot about self love lately. There are steps you have to take to get the point of "true self love" (Yes, like true love) because it is a very important and even attractive quality to have.
 God wants us to be happy with how he made us, but being confident isn't the same as being prideful. You can be confident without being prideful, because pride is feeling better than others, or you thinking you are "too good" for some things. Whereas, confidence can be knowing your identity in Christ, and accepting yourself as who he made you and still equal to others. Pretty much you want to strive to be humble and comfortable in your skin at the same time.

Learning that you don't always need to apologize for everything is a sign of self love. Being you isn't a sin, but judging other is.

Being confident in your own skin is easier for some people than it is others. I myself am not a makeup wearer anymore. Not because I am against it, I just wanted to …